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Raise a Ruckus: Support Whit Scott’s Rolled

When was the last time you raised a ruckus? Do you remember childhood mischief? It once came naturally to us. Doing what we loved to do because we loved to do it. Gradually we learned about the consequences of our actions and became risk-adverse. Decades later I am surrounded by start-up founders advising us to do what we love because we love to do it.  Did we forget? How do we remember? My suggestion: start by recalling what it felt like to raise a ruckus as a kid. 

Meet Whit Scott, the man behind Rolled: 32 Years of Toilet Papered Houses


 Are they still rolling? Whit created a Kickstarter project, to finish the story. Each of us can nurture our inner-mischief maker by helping in the following ways

  • Spread the word: Share this link everywhere.
  • Pledge a buck (or a thousand) HERE:128 people have so far! FYI, Whit needs to meet his goal for the project to get any funding.
  • Pass on the video to your childhood friends: Chances are that it will inspire some great conversations about your own ruckus-raising days.
  • Write: a blog post or share this post. 

Raise a ruckus without the risk of getting grounded, while helping the talented Whit Scott tell his story. 



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