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Magic Eight Ball

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Maybe you did not get the memo, the emails are stuck in your automated filters, or you are ignoring the obvious signs? Maybe you have heard it, but you don’t want to believe it? I will say it again: traditional demographics are dead. The data which once acted as a crystal ball and offered insight into what consumers buy and why, is no more helpful than a Magic Eight Ball. In fact, a Magic Eight Ball will set you back far less than the cost of a single focus group.

There is good news, though. Consumers are telling anyone who cares to listen what they do and don’t want, why they want it and how much they are willing to pay for it. Is this information manageable, neat, obvious or always actionable? No. Is it useful? Yes. Revolutionary? Yes. Thought provoking? You bet. Those who are waiting for the perfect, tool, product or solution to change their marketing strategies, will be, errrr, waiting a long time…Even imperfect processes are superior to relying on antiquated methodologies. 
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