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Why I Am Joining Seesmic

This avatar, created by Louis Gray doesn’t cover the details of my news, but it does convey my excitement about my new position. The post that follows, however, explains why I am joining Seesmic and what I will be doing.


I am joining Seesmic as Director of Corporate Relationships.  John Yamasaki (“Yama”) took the opportunity to announce the news during Seesmic’s Happy Hour at at SXSW in the Samsung Blogger Lounge. Thank you, Steph Agresta and Brian Solis, for another Techset moment reminding me that we owe much our success and sanity to the community.  

Why Seesmic?

I have said many times that the ideal opportunity in technology is a company with both a great product and great people. Timing helps, too. Seesmic meets all of the criteria.

Product: The days of standalone third-party Twitter clients were over long before Twitter’s announcement last week. As I wrote in Unfinished Business, this year social media must prove it’s value to businesses on Wall Street and Main Street and answer some tough questions. That means products must follow suit, and not just by mashing up social networks onto a single platform, but by integrating Twitter and other social media data into existing applications, processes and frameworks. 


Seesmic is the only consumer platform to move directly into the enterprise space and recently announced Salesforce Chatter integration (as shown in the photo above). It’s marketplace of plug-in options not only includes Chatter, but also Zendesk, Yammer, Google Reader, BlueKiwi, LinkedIn, Klout, and many more. Seesmic’s offerings include a robust, highly customizable desktop platform, a web application that runs on every browser and mobile applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows 7. (Psssst..Stay tuned, there is more to come on the product side, too…) 

People: The Seesmic team is impressive, but I want to point out three people who impacted my decision most.

  • A Social CEO:  Loic Le Meur, CEO, knows social media and has been a leader in the space since its inception. Is it necessary for a CEO to “get” social media? It may not be a “need to have”, but it is a “nice to have”. We are all tired of hearing about “social companies” that praise social media and transparency to sell social products and services without any leadership participation or understanding of social media. Loic Le Meur is a leader in the social business space both online and offline and understands how social media can and should enhance, not replace, what businesses are already doing.
  •  A (Semi) Serious COO: Bastien Vidal, COO, spent a decade at KPMG before joining Seesmic and won over the ex-Wall Street girl in me with his attention to what others may find dull: business processes, financial metrics and the nitty gritty oversight that start-ups need to move to the next level. Bastien’s experience and sense of humor about French office culture gave me the confidence that Seesmic will not only do the right things but will do things right. 
  •  A Yama:  John Yamasaki, a friend and fellow Tech Karaoke-er, introduced me to the opportunity at Seesmic, Yama has mastered nearly every role at Seesmic, except CEO, and is patient enough to answer even my long list of questions. Who says Karaoke is a waste of time? Without it, I may not have met Yama.

What Will I Do At Seesmic?

  • Work with Seesmic’s users to ensure Seesmic is meeting and exceeding expectations and continuing to build the ultimate enterprise roadmap 
  • Nurture, identify and initiate relationships with companies, partners, brand strategists, community managers, industry analysts and agencies
  • Create content: 1) White papers, case studies and blog posts articulating how customers can drive KPI’s in a multitude of industries, satisfy a wide range of business objectives and garner widespread internal adoption; 2) Expand Seesmic’s industry engagement to include a wider range of voices, points of view and topics relevant to enterprise users
  • Demo Seesmic and host webinars until I am blue in the face – if I am talking about it, I better be able to show it
  • Reach out to others to speak, moderate, guest-post, debate and show up for both online and offline events – in return, I hope you will feel free to ask the same of me
  • All of the above is subject to change at any time…
I am honored to be joining a team of driven individuals who share a committment to success and a desire to build something that will literally change and improve how businesses communicate. After a great run at Scout Labs, I am ready to contribute to Seesmic’s future growth in a meaningful way. It’s time to get to work. I look forward to your feedback along the way.

Liza Sperling

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