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Give Your Business Cards A Makeover: About.me, WiseStamp & Tungle*

Business cards are not dead, but they are in dire need of a makeover. As social business professionals explore new ways to connect, business cards and email signatures have become a swamp of icons and hyperlinks. You do not need to include each of the 116 ways you can be contacted, pinged and profiled on a tiny piece of card stock or beneath every email.  Many tools aggregate your information into a single place online and including just that address/URL on your business cards or email signature will save you time, energy, and valuable space! Make your business cards and email signatures more social, functional and relevant to modern communication.

Beyond Vanity URL’s

Digital business cards sites that aggregate all of your online profiles onto a single website are nothing new. There are dozens of options, most of which are nothing more than a website with a template with an option to upgrade for “professional features”. The frontrunners do more than just aggregate your online profiles. By offering additional functionality and specialized features to freemium users, About.meTungle.me and WiseStamp do much more than reduce the amount of text on your business cards.

About.me’s profile pages are simple to create and gorgeous. You can opt for a low-key page without any photos, but if you need some inspiration, browse About.me’s directory. Visitors can see your social networks and may also send you an email (or even call you) directly from your page without viewing your email address.  Within a month of setting up my About.me profile, I got several emails from people who found my About.me profile page and reached out.

About.me calls itself a custom profile and personal analytics dashboard, because underneath the custom profile page, About.me offers analytics on both your profile page as well as your Facebook and Twitter activity. Flavors.me is another popular personal dashboard, but the free version is restrictive and does not include analytics. About.me is still relatively new, however its recent acquisition by AOL suggests that it will be a strong player and continue to stand out in an otherwise commoditized space. 

While Tungle.me makes scheduling easy, it is not a calendar. Tungle.me offers users a personal URL where all of one’s calendars are aggregated to show and automatically update your availability. Plug in your social networks, including key travel and event networks like Tripit and Plancast,  and your Tungle landing page becomes a single view of your social networks, contact information and availability. You decide what information is public or private, and while users may suggest meetings, you must first approve the meeting before it is scheduled.


Platform agnostic synching, mobile applications that work with almost any device and killer customer service (thank you, Chief Firefighter) make Tungle a lifesaver for people who prefer spending time connecting vs. the frustration and time wasted scheduling, rescheduling and double booking appointments.

About.me and Tungle will help you clean up your next batch of business cards, but the hunk of text you call your email signature?  Shouldn’t the space at the end of your email offer more than static text, i.e. act as a business card with functionality? Yes, WiseStamp makes your email signature interactive and even dynamic.

The screenshot shows how WiseStamp helps you create a professional, clean email signature that links to dozens of social profiles, includes your last blog post, company news, and/or your latest Tweet. You can include your company logo and legal disclaimer, set up multiple signatures, and switch from professional to personal as needed while composing an email.

WiseStamp is available in most browsers, and you can always copy and paste the signature into other email platform’s signature field to make it your default signature anywhere.  I also attach my WiseStamp signature to my text messages.  If you need some ideas, browse the signature examples and click “get this signature”. Once you find the signature that is right for you, hit send and wait for people to ask you how you created it.  

You are probably wondering if you can include your About.me and Tungle URL’s in your WiseStamp signature. Yes, you can include any website you’d like, even if it is not on Wisestamp’s list. Just type include the URL and desired icon, and you are all set.

Before you order your next batch of business cards in preparation for South By Southwest or revamp your email signatures, don’t forget that business card best practices still apply. Your business card is a tool, a reference pointto leave behind. It is by no means a replacement for remarkable communication. You want to be remembered for your conversation, not the piece of paper you leave behind.

I created a Toolkit on oneforty to accompany this post, but if I have missed your preferred tools to revamp your business cards or email signatures, please let me know, and I will be happy to add it. I appreciate your feedback and hope you’ll let me know what works for you – or doesn’t. 

-Liza Sperling

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*This was originally posted on oneforty.com.

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