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Do You Know This Girl?

Ever meet a character in a book who you could swear you have met?  I spotted Lisbeth Salander more than once in San Francisco after reading Steig Larsson’s trilogy starring the fictional heroine.  

Today I met Lacey Yeager in Steve Martin’s An Object Of Beauty, A Novel.   I have no doubt she exists.  Lacey cannot be the product of Steve Martin’s imagination.  She is too real.  It seems that Charlie Rose suspects it, too, during his interview of Steve Martin in November: “So all of us want to know, is there some woman, somewhere….” Charlie Rose was unable to get a confession, but he did manage to summarize Lacey Yeager’s complexity in one sentence: more man than woman in terms of sort of killer balance.

Maybe, like Lisbeth, Lacey reminds me a little of myself.  I see some qualities I admire, others I fear, but there is something about Lacey Yeager that will leave me looking for her to prove that she actually exists.   I shared a few quotes from  Steve Martin’s An Object Of Beauty, A Novel describing Lacey: 

Lacey was just as happy alone as with company.  When she was alone, she was potential; with others she was realized.

I should tell you know about Lacey and strangers.  She loved codgets and coots, truckdrivers and working folk, any sort of type that she wasn’t familiar with…She would engage them in bars and parks, focusing on their accents and slang, probing them for stories and the slightest accomplishments, including whittling, elevating them to heroes.

Lacey understood the ways of men, but she did not know how clever they could be.

The simple problem that when she was “on”, it was a one-man show, and when she was “off”, she didn’t like herself.

What do you think?  Do you know Lacey Yeager?

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  1. Jo
    February 24, 2011 at 3:58 am

    I know she’s real! I just finished the book today and I am determined to prove this fact.About a week ago I was watching some sort of reality tv show, a part of it had to do with people who collect obscene amount of art. There was a woman on it, with blonde hair, looked like she was in about her late 30’s early 40’s. She said the first art piece she ever bought was the same Andy Warhol piece Lacey purchased in the book.Granted, there could be many prints made of this piece, but I felt in that second that it had to be the real life Lacey! I wish I could recall the tv show so I could tell you more or try and find it again, but I honestly do believe it’s a true character. Why else would he find the need to end the book that way.Let me know if you know any other information. I was captivated by the book, and although I couldn’t really relate to Lacey I admired the audacity she had by the end of the novel. It was quite a compelling read, and one that I’m not really able to let go until I know if this person is real!

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