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Customer Service Is Not Self Service


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Customer Service Is Not Self Service

Had a bad day? Did you spill your coffee and cuss at the barista?  Would you like to film your tantrum and share it on YouTube?  Probably not.  So why are you using social media to vent? 

Customer service is not self-service.  The person manning a brand's Facebook account probably cannot guess that your burger was undercooked or even that you ordered a burger.  Rather than slamming a brand with a drive by insult or tagging a tweet with #fail, ask yourself if you want to resolve the problem or just blow off steam.  If you are just venting to make yourself feel better, no one wants to hear it. You are discrediting and clouding the efforts of many who do care about customer sevice.  

If you are using social media to communicate with a brand, don't forget the obvious:
  • You are talking to a human being, not a logo devoid of emotions or a robot with unlimited powers. 
  • Cite specific concerns and propose rational solutions.
  • Allow the company's representative to resolve your problem, and, yes, that may require providing some information and some effort on your part.
If you are just venting, who are you really serving?  Yeah, you. You know the answer.

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  1. Bryan Jones
    November 3, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    Cue Depeche Mode: “People are people…”

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