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Choose To Laugh

Last night, I left my rain boots outside my apartment door to dry off.  This morning, as I headed out in pursuit of coffee, I noticed my boots were gone.  I was ticked off. Who would steal a pair of rubber boots? Don’t people respect their neighbors’ property?  Must be that guy who blares bad music.  Or the girl who never smiles or holds the elevator door…

Clad in spare boots and a scowl, stomping towards the coffee shop, I spotted my boots tucked neatly in front of a stranger’s apartment door, positioned exactly as I had left them the night before in front of my door.  The boots seemed to smirk at me. This was hardly the work of an amateur. 


I laughed, took a photo in appreciation of a clever prank and moved the boots to their original spot beside my front door.  I headed out for coffee (again), wondering if the boots would be there when I returned.

I admire a sense of humor,  attention to detail, and those who remind me to laugh at myself when I need a nudge.  These qualities trump the aggravation of finding a spare pair of boots and the temporary despair over the demise of neighborly respect.

It is no surprise that the human urge to connect, engage and play games is fierce.  I am, however, surprised by how willing we are to forgive even strangers when we learn that their intent is good, especially if he/she is clever and can make us laugh.  This suggests that given a choice, we choose to laugh.  I imagine that the “boot thief” will also laugh when he sees the boots in their original spot.  When offered a choice, choose to laugh.

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