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What Is The Question?

How do you use Twitter?  Many us who use Twitter are trying to answer this question and fumbling for the words.  As soon as I craft an intelligent and honest response and offer up my answer, I am met with blank stares and more questions.  I start all over again and grow frustrated with my inability to answer the recurring question.

Finally, clarity!  In a rush to respond, to quiet the noise, I recognize that I am answering the wrong question.  Huh? 

How do you use Twitter? has nothing to do with a desire to know how I personally use Twitter.  I look beyond the language of the question. What is actually being asked is, How can I use Twitter?; or Why should I use Twitter?; or, in some cases, Can you help me understand Twitter?  It depends on who is asking.

My answer is yet another question: What are your objectives? 

Some questions can only be answered with a conversation.
  1. David Damore
    July 27, 2010 at 2:14 am

    Asking the right question is so important in getting the right answers. Attentive listening allows one to respond thoughtfully with the best question.The conversation leads to understanding and creates a bond between the participants. That bond enables the relationship to move beyond transactional and to become expansive.

  2. Robbie Kleij
    October 27, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    it took me almost a year to start using twitter but eventually I found that following people with like minded objectives gave me more time to live in the real world as my followed friends surfed the net for me to show wonderful and dare I say it spectacular feeds to items I’d never have gleened by my self, All without jumping through hoops or dodging all those added value adverts and popups that frequent most web surfing these days. Thank my Tweet friends your a bunch of geniuses that liven up my every day.

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