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The Missing Link

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I sing the praises of listening to customers and mining social media to improve companies’ brands.  I believe in the power of the social consumer, and, yes, I am frustrated that this basic notion seems revolutionary to too many companies.

Lately, though, I wonder: is the argument missing a link?

Are companies overlooking the most obvious source of value: their employees – in favor of  jumping on the social media bandwagon?  Who knows the products and the customers better than a company’s employees?  Want raw feedback on your company,  product, customer experience and ways to improve?  Ask your employees first.

Your employees should not be overlooked in the race to the social web.  You need your employees buy in before you consider asking customers to trust you.

What do you think?  Am alone in wondering why companies are overlooking  the potent feedback of their employees in favor of the “hip” social web?  (Psst…some of your employees may even be online…)


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