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I Want To Go Public

About a year ago, I met Tara Hunt to interview  her about her new book, The Whuffie Factor.  A coffee date had two surprising outcomes, Tara became a beloved friend (an entirely different blog post that may not be appropriate to share publically) and I wrote a blog post that motivated me to further my personal growth, entititled, WHUFFIESPEAK Tara’s example of expressing herself in her own language encouraged me to take action. I cast aside my belief in maintaining a rigid distinction between my personal and professional identities. I speak, write, blog and tweet publicly in one voice. Rather than maintaining multiple identities, I am creating my own version of Whuffiespeak.

It occurred to me this week, that I have achieved my goal:  I blog, tweet,  and engage in online conversations regularly, and I have managed to marry my professional and personal identities on line.  Has it been easy? No. And I continue to struggle with where my company’s brand ends and I begin, but there is no definitive answer.  In the past year, I have been quoted in several publications, including the Harvard Business  Review and one of my posts, The Tap Code, was published.   External validation is nice, but I am itching for a new goal.

Finally, I spoke to my new friend, Betsy Aoki, whose advice has helped me out more than once,  and I confessed my goal:  I want to do more public speaking.  I have done some speaking in the past and was recently on a panel about Real-Time Feedback Loops.   I spend most of my work day talking to clients and potential clients about social media monitoring and real-time analytics.  I am comfortable in front of a crowd and consider communication my strong suit.   My social media experience, Wall Street background and my ability to explain technology to non-technical people offers me a unique vantage point.

Betsy offered some great advice, including getting involved in Ignite (http://ignite.oreilly.com/faq/how-to.html). Tara, I will be banging on your door for some advice, too!

I’d love your thoughts, too! What is the best way to find public speaking opportunites? Do you know of anyone who


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