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It’s About The People, People, Not the Wine.

I am writing this on the ride home from Time4Wine. To those of you who made it to Time4wine, YOU made the weekend. It was a weekend of wine, food and, yes, debauchery — but not without the intellectual comfort of great conversations about social media, technology and all the gadgetry that makes us tick.

Geeks and wine…why?

Don’t we spend enough hours together at conferences, tweetups, et al? Yes, but much of that time is also spent multitasking, focusing on work or developing new business relationships. It’s not ‘our’ time and is compromised by professional distractions and obligations.

Indeed we work together, but we also play together, and those who could have asked their employers to foot the bill decided to go on their own dime to ensure that the direction of relationships were untangled by business objectives.  No doubt, we developed valuable ties, that process never ends, but without name tags, sponsors or VIP’s, conversations began over flights of wine and plates of cheese. Even geeks bond by breaking bread, and nothing much has really changed about human nature.

During the wine blending session at Alpha Omega Winery, we learned to choose a metaphor for wine, relate it to something you already know, and suddenly wine is less complex. Nothing new, right? Consider Time4wine our time on the golf course, without the rigidity of uniforms or the old boys’ club.

Take a look at the Twitter and Facebook activity around Time4wine (#Time4wine), and you’ll notice there were no keynotes or super stars. Even Gordan Getty and Mayor Gavin Newsom made unplanned appearances, but they didn’t steal the spotlight for long, and I like it like that.

It’s about the people, people, not the wine.

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