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All I Want For Christmas

This year,  I managed to avoid holiday preparation altogether.  I neglected to even make a list (forget about checking it twice). When I landed in Eugene, Oregon on the afternoon of Christmas Eve and was met by my mom and 98 year old grandmother, I felt empty-handed and ill-prepared.

At the last minute, my mom and I hung some Christmas lights and headed to the local pharmacy to pick up some Oregon Ducks socks for my grandmother.

We wrapped up anything that didn’t move, dipping into my grandmothers’ locker of ancient holiday wrapping  supplies. The packages included salted caramels I purchased in San Francisco, a package of dish towels, a lagniappe of odds and ends.  We were also sure to include plenty of ribbons for my grandmother’s brand new kitty, Inky.

Christmas morning, I thought of friends and loved ones who were far away and recognized that I had forgotten to send many cards or gifts. I drew a doodle for my friend, Tara, and sent her a photo of my efforts.  The fleece blanket I picked up at Walgreen’s for my grandmother’s new kitty made both my grandmother and Inky purr.  Inky finally hopped onto my grandmother’s lap for the first time, to burrow her face in the fleece.  My mom surprised me with Buckyballs, an addictively, geeky toy I can’t put down.  We shared the salted caramels, and now we are spent, full & happy.

Buckyballs FTW
Image by Rich_Lem via Flickr

No fancy gifts or patent leather shoes – more importantly, no overhyped expectations of what Christmas should be or what I should give or receive.  I have had many difficult holidays, but not this one. This Christmas has been sublime, and it’s not over yet.

P.S. Thanks to Chris Brogan and the holiday photo project for inspiring me to share my holiday with you. I have enjoyed the photos and videos of so many Christmases thanks to his efforts.

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