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During the DEMO a few weeks ago, a handful of themes emerged. One of the theme was the the desire to manage and organize our contacts.  Ironically,  I had just begun to use Gist in hopes that it was solution to my contact management nightmare. While it is not perfect, it is far better than anything else I have seen, and it is still in Beta.

I am and have always been obsessed with managing optimizing how to manage contacts and relationships.  After capturing the information, I keep all business cards, grouped by time period, and flipping through always reminds me of people with home I have lost touch and prompts me to pickup the phone.  With the introduction of social media and new networks of communication, my need for a solid contact management system has  balooned.  Not only do I want all of my contacts in one place, I also want to stay abreast of what certain people and companies are saying and doing online.

While many companies suggest they can organize all of your contacts, and, yes, I have tried dozens, each falls short. in such that Gist.com has come to the closest to providing a comprehensive solution.

Getting started:

– Add Gmail (multiple accounts),  Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce.com, Outlook


Adding Accounts To Gist

LinkedIn: Download a CSV file of contacts and upload the file – a pain, and out of date as soon as you add a new contact to LinkedIn. This makes me more likely to add new contacts to  Gist, not to LinkedIn.




Company Subset

-Add URL’s

-Merging contacts

-Attach contacts to companies

-Create companies from a contact or people from a company contact


-Optimize dashboard – similar to Google’s “Feeling Lucky” option, this option cleans up your dashboard when it is feeling crowded, and it does a good job at guessing what you want to see

My wish list:

Ability to customize the dossier: I know what I want on my ‘tear sheet’ before I head to a meeting, so allow me to add and remove more items

-Flags for contacts that are missing basic information. For example, I

A Gist Badge: for Blogs, Email Signatures, etc…

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