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Doodle Has A Home In Tokyo

I have always doodled to decompress or to take my mind off of challenges that confound me.  Usually I lose track of time, and it’s hard to drag me away from whatever I am doodling.

A while ago, my mom picked up a set of markers and a large pad of newsprint paper from an art supply store. When I saw the supplies, I sat down and began to doodle, eager to fill the massive swath of paper in front of me.  My mom eventually gifted the supplies to me, and I have put them to good use.

A blank sheet of paper offers possibilities.  I never know what will result and withhold judgment until the page is filled.  It is similar to writing, but with a more immediate visual effect.  I  doodle without the rules that sometimes get in the way of writing.  No rules, purpose, I just enjoy the process.

After I shared a few of photos of my “art” on Flickr, friends began to ask for their own doodles.  I laughed off most requests, until my friend, Arthur Huang, asked for a doodle to take on his move from San Francisco to Tokyo.  I made sure he did not leave empty-handed.

Just the other day Arthur sent an email with the subject line: Doodle Has A Home In Tokyo.  He included a photo of the doodle handing in his apartment.

My doodle hanging on Arthur’s wall in Tokyo:


I feel like a proud mom, knowing that something I made is hanging in a friend’s apartment on the other side of the globe.  Arthur, I wish you the best with you new job in Tokyo and hope that the doodle acts as a good luck charm as you embark on your challenge.  Be sure to visit soon, or I will be tempted to drop in on you in Tokyo to be sure my doodle is still hanging on your wall.  Thank you for bringing a big smile to this girl’s face.

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