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He Said, She Said: Anatomy Of A Twitter Thread


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Some people will never understand Twitter.  They don’t understand how it is possible for people to communicate in 140 characters in a sea of millions of users. These critics assume that because there is plenty of nonsense on Twitter, that it is all nonsense

Beneath the noise, however, connections form, personalities emerge, and we communicate on a level that seems impossible to non-Twitter users. 

Like most people I “met” Chris Brogan on Twitter, but, I am also fortunate to have met him in person. Each of us has our own lives online and offline, and every now and then we cross paths.  This afternoon, our paths crossed. This is what exactly what we said.

From Chris Brogan:

@marlamarkman – my 3 yr old is a scaredy cat. My 7 yr old girl is brave until she’s not. : )

From Liza Sperling:

@chrisbrogan I am your 7 yr old, but somehow turned into your 3 yr old. Working on getting back to my old ways.

From Chris Brogan:

@lizasperling – now that was interesting to read. : )

From Liza Sperling:

@chrisbrogan Did it make sense?

From Chris Brogan:

@lizasperling – made perfect sense. I just liked the poetry of it.

This took place in a about a minute. At that same moment, similar communication took place amongst millions of people sending their own messages.  Earth shattering? Hardly, but it shows how much meaning can be conveyed in an isolated thread.  This communication was public, and, yet,  it is a pretty personal exchange. There is meaning on Twitter, if you take the time to unravel the strands.

 – Liza Sperling LinkedinGoogleTwitter

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  1. xlerate
    October 1, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    Interesting POV.I have definitely had my share of meaningful tweets, with real world impact.The other day I tweeted the following:”Conventional means of communication are being replaced by mediums purported to keep us more in touch. The disconnect widens @ 140 characters”I guess this has forced me to reconsider, although my POV at the time is the use of social media (tweets & status updates) to alert the masses, while intending on a specific person under the guise of vague.http://twitter.com/xlerate

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