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Pleiad:The 7 Deadly Posts

I have 7 blog posts  that I just can’t bring myself to publish.  Each day I attempt to tackle one, and each day I solemnly save another draft, tempted to just delete the post from existence (and my memory). Today I decided that rather than let these 7 posts dominate my day, I would ignore them.  My strategy: to spend more time reading others’ writing and less time focusing on my own writing.  By chance, I found Christi Craig’s blog, Writing Under Pressure. In her post,The Word Escapes Me, Christi describes her struggle with her self-imposed Wednesday Word of the Day exercise wherein when she forces herself to write about the word of the day.  I encourage you to read the post yourselves, because her solution is brilliant.  I will, however, share with you the word ‘escaping’ Christi:


MEANING: A group of (usually 7) brilliant persons or things

Pleiad!? 7 brilliant things? Aren’t I trying to forget about my 7 crappy, unfinished posts? I think I heard my computer shout: Hey, you 7 Deadly Posts, none of you are brilliant. You are the antithesis of a pleiad! A-ha, my unfinished posts were at once mocked and christened, “the 7 Deadly Posts”, and I actually laughed at myself, out loud.  (If you have not laughed at yourself out loud lately, try it.)

The belly laugh and absurdity of discovering such a maddening, yet humorous word of the day, melted my frustration.  I mused about the meaning of the word “pleiad” in online conversations and asked others to define their ideal pleiad.  Melissa Rowley identified her pleiad, the 7 Chakras, while Sean Gilligan asked if he could claim the 7 nymphs. Why not?  I was smiling, not glaring at my screen as I have done much of this week. Heck, If I had known the word escaping Christi lead to so many belly laughs, I would have started chasing it down sooner.

I have been writing my entire life, but blogging is a different craft. For me, the pressure of is less about what others think than how I will feel when I look at what I have published online.  While I rarely critique my old journals, notebooks, or word docs, online content is far easier to access (and maul). I become more forgiving of myself by reading others’ blogs. Who doesn’t have a blog nowadays? Of those who do blog, does everyone love everything they have written?  The larger question: do the the 7 Deadly Posts really need ‘fixing’?  I will always be my own worst critic, and while I jokingly call them Deadly Posts, would readers feel otherwise.  The only way to know is to publish them.
Do you have 7 Deadly Posts? Maybe you have more, less?  Do you delete them? Or perhaps you hit publish and feel relief to get them off of your plate.  Please share your thoughts with me. Maybe I will share my 7 Deadly Posts with you…

  1. Derek Overbey
    September 17, 2009 at 12:27 am

    This is why I like you so much. You are one of the most modest people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. But hidden in that modesty is a brilliance that few others posses. My feelings about the 7 Deadly Posts goes like this. I think the idea is more important than the blog post itself. Not every one of them is going to be perfect. But if the idea or thought sparks something in only one person, then you have hit a home run. This is the power of social media. You don’t need to get hundreds of comments or dugg thousands of times to have a successful post. You just need to touch one person, even if that person is you.

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