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Dear Google: There is Always Mr. Bing

By Liza Sperling

I love Google Profiles. Ironically it makes “Googling” someone less of a necessity.  If you pull up a Google Profile, you can garner the basics about someone without doing a broader Google search or bothering to visiting my LinkedIn profile to see if we have shared a professional relationship.

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Compare this to the Facebook profile: Google did away with the clutter and the dreaded “relationship status” field.  As a rule, I leave that field blank, no matter what the case may be. Unlike most of my tech savvy peers, I can’t get comfortable with even entertaining the idea of combining the internet with romantic relationships. Just today, however, it hit me, Google can probably guess who is single or not, and that scares me.

While the Google Profile masters simplicity it’s newly souped up siblings, Google Reader and Google Friend Connect, serve as an indication of what may be next in Google Labs.  I am afraid, very afraid. The stage is set, and I fear that my innocuous Google Profile will not remain the same for long.

I see what you are up to Google, and if my intuition is correct, we are about to have a very nasty break up. How soon before my Google Profile decides to play matchmaker based on data co llected from dozens of sources including Friend Connect, Latitude, Reader, etc…?  When I see “I Feel Lucky” on Picasa, I wonder, is this a hint for the next Google Labs contender: “Get Lucky”?  Or perhaps “Love Connect” would be a less risque name to launch a brilliantly-engineered online matchmaker?  I envision an “uber match.com”  with fantastic algorithms to determine the ideal match for each Google user. While I understand some people may like the convenience of finding a date based on how one organizes their GMail labels or the content one shares on Google Reader, but I curse the day Google Labs offers a matchmaking option to include on my profile, or worse, suggests that I may need a matchmaker!  Who asked you?!

I don’t use Google or the internet to find a date.  Many great matches are made online, but I reserve the right to leave this one area of my life offline. So, Google, before you try to scare me into thinking I have no choice, or bully me into believing I can’t do any better than you, there is always Mr. Bing. Don’t think I won’t go there.
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