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Old-Fashioned Advice (Or How to Go Budget Without Feeeling Budget)

I spend a lot of time reading, commenting, sharing and linking to a variety of of technology articles, lists and tips.  Recently it occurred to me that in spite of the volume of information I consume, I rarely absorb information that has long term value.  It may be interesting and helpful today, but tomorrow, technology will change, and the information may no longer be relevant.   Specifically, I rarely stumble onto old-fashioned advice, the the low/ no-tech tips that are timeless, however their value is often overlooked.

In the spirit of reviving the trend of passing on those tips that may seem simple, but prove valuable over the long haul, I will share on of my favorite tips a friend shared with me years ago:  baby shampoo. Years ago, my friend exclaimed, baby shampoo is a godsend.  Obviously an overstatement, but her tip has saved me a lot of money (and packing space) over the years. 


Baby shampoo is a way to “go budget” without feeling like you are giving up anything.  A few ways you can use baby shampoo:

  • Save some money, already.  We are in a recession, folks, so as much as I adore Bumble & Bumble products, I can’t fork over the cash for Seaweed Shampoo like I did in the past.  I am pretty sure you’ll appreciate it when you get your next credit card bill.
  • Wash your undergarments (or just about anything) if you are on the road or too cheap to buy laundry detergent.
  • It’s not just shampoo, it does a good job from head to toe without making you smell like your dad’s cologne  – or Axe body spray, ack.
  • Use it as a facial cleanser- it won’t irritate your eyes, even contact wearers. Remember “No more Tears”?
  • Leave it at your significant other’s place.  You are unlikely to get any flack for the innocuous clear bottle filled with magical golden goodness. In fact it may be the only toiletry that is uniquely unoffensive to any gender.
  • Use it as a pick me up.  The hint of a scent appeals to all ages and conjures up fond memories for most of us.  For me, the scent brings back memories of snuggling with my niece after washing a melted Dairy Queen Blizzard out of her hair.
I suggest you pick up a bottle to test my advice.  (FYI:  If Johnson & Johnson is not on sale, go with the store brand. I actually prefer Walgreen’s baby shampoo to J&J because it  works just as well and is available in a handy three ounce, flip-cap bottle for under a buck. TSA  won’t confiscate it and you won’t  lose the itty bitty cap on the J&J travel size, which I have done many times.) Let me know how it goes, if you find new ways to use it, or even if you hate my advice.  I am willing to bet you’ll like it…Or your $0.99  back.


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