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Spotted: True Love At My Local Starbucks

Today I spotted real love at my local Starbucks.  I took a picture for those of you who will insist that love does not, cannot exist. You’ll say, Impossible. Not in this crappy economy with scorching unemployment.  Not when we have protesters showing up at town halls with ammo. Not when we have aircraft crashing into each other over the Hudson River.

Liza Sperling/Flickr

Suspend your disbelief and take a look.I stumbled onto this scene at your typical Starbucks in San Francisco. This photo is not posed or made up, in spite of the clever placement of Starbucks advertisements.This is the real deal. A guy and a girl enjoying eachothers’ company, unaware of the irritating gaggle of people complaining about the slow barista, oblivious to the mob of loud tourists who just added to an already ridiculous line. 

Look at her extend her hand, and how he hangs on to it. He is literally gazing at her in a way I have only seen in black and white movies from decades ago.  

Sure, I had a moment of doubt: Maybe I am wrong.  Maybe she is feigning a smile to thank him for the goodies he picked up at Sephora? Or because she is finally over the ego-bruising fight they had the night before? I don’t think so, though.  Here’s why: when I asked if I could take a photo, the couple could hardly take their eyes off of each other long enough to shrug and say, Why not? Indeed, why not?

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  1. Kim Tracy Prince
    August 18, 2009 at 2:40 am

    One never knows about these things, but the fact that you gave it such meaning shows that you have hope. And love does, actually, exist. Have heart.

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