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Fairy Tale Wedding: Do You Believe in Happy Endings?


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On Saturday, I found myself in the middle of real, live “Fairy Tale Wedding”. The pictures don’t lie.

What’s more interesting is how many onlookers were mesmerized by the idea of a funky, dress up wedding, where the guests are dressed as dwarves and bunny rabbitts. The parents did not seem amused, but it revived my hope in my idea of a happy ending, finding someone who appreciates the quirky parts of us we all have.

Shouldn’t a wedding be a celebration of what the couple loves and the future they plan to carve out together? And if it is Santacon, Alice in Wonderland and pancake makeup, so be it. Why should a couple spend the time and money to create an illusion we have all seen awkwardly replicated too many times?

I admit, I teared up as these perfect strangers said their vows, but I was not alone. The wedding drew a crowd, and as the couple departed, we all cheered and clanked our bottles of beer in the air.

Here’s to happily ever after.

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